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2000 Toyota Camry CE 4dr Sedan Manual


2009-11-14 22:25:01
   . . . . .   

2009-06-06 04:36:13
Land Rover Discovery I   . . . . .   
Remarkably reliable and doesn't rust even though we park it outside thanks to the aluminum body. I have heard nothing
but horror stories from other people that have owned these, but ours had been trouble free for 152,000 miles and
counting. Too bad the fuel mileage is so bad and the resale value on them is really low. Luckily, we got ours used
after it already took a big depreciation hit, so for us, it has been a great value.

2009-06-06 04:36:13
MR2 Turbo   . . . . .   
450 hp on a stock, unopened 3SGTE with more than 100 dyno pulls and at least a dozen track events running 21-23psi -
Wow! This car has been amazing and has all the right ingredients (mid engine, lightweight, RWD and tons of power
potential) to decimate most super cars. Absolutely timeless and amazing. A true future classic.

2009-06-06 04:36:13
Smartie   . . . . .   100% Useful Rating
Awesome little car and responds well to mods. Love it.

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