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elaier's Garage

2002 Dodge Dakota Base Club Cab 131 WB SLT

Questions & Answers

Mechanic Q: how do I check the wheel speed sensor to see if it is bad (it is in the top of the rear diff)??

Should there be some resistence when checking across the poles on the sensor? I am not getting any resistence is the sensor bad, the speedometer does not work untill I get to 20 mph.

Mechanic Q: What should the oil pressure be for this V10 engine?

The engine oil pressure is at about 45 on the gauge, I just changed oil and it is at that 45, it does not go down when engine is at idle. I am using synthetic oil is that ok? is this oil pressure too high?

Mechanic Q: Runs rough at cold startup. ?

The truck which has a Hemi runs bad when I first start it on a cold start. I have been told that the O2 sensors don't affect startup fuel mixture, so if it is not O2 sensor what else might it be? Ed

Mechanic Q: Do you know of a good reason for this wehicle to run really rough at startup??

After I start it I have to accelerate a couple times and then it will run smooth. Could it be O2 sensor?

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