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elizabeth6760's Garage

2004 Toyota Corolla LE 4dr Sedan Auto (GS)

Questions & Answers

Q: troubleshoot code reading results?

Po171 Po133 PO125 PO130 PO401 Po141 does this mean I might have an gasget,valve , cylinder lleak in engine need to rebuilt engine

Mechanic Q: po401 code for camry?

would po401 damage engine or blow engine up what are causes of the code how serious

Mechanic Q: cars models and repairs?

what car brand model are easier ti find affordable parts when it needs repair what are best tip for making car pass 240,000 miles and engine often cv joint need to be replaced. what are the best tip to remove tint adhesive from rear windows

Mechanic Q: po401 trouble code?

can someone tell me if a code of po401 damage the engine if not fixed on a 1996 Toyota camry

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