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ellis_ga6z's Garage

1999 Lincoln Town Car Cartier 4dr Sedan Signature


2011-04-01 13:52:04
And, it burns regular    . . . . .   
Whatever they did to my ride, when I step down on it, the police can't catch me... LoL.. Really, this car is running
great right now. I use to be a Cadillac man but now I'm back with Lincoln. This car is a work horse....

Questions & Answers

Q: Air suspension ride/Touring Sedan?

I've noticed that every time I don't use the car after a day or two, the rear of the car loses pressure & sinks downl however, it pumps up but I wondering about the wear and tear on the shocks or the pump it self.... Is ti worth replacing with manual shocks or the air ride the way to go.....

Mechanic Q: How many miles can a Lin TC last??

LoL... Read somewhere that the 1998 & 99 Town Car can run up to 500k. Is that true or just hype? I love my Lincoln...

Mechanic Q: How long are a set of sparks good in a 4.6 liter engine??

I had some of the ingition coils replaced at the dealership but they did not replace the spark plugs.

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