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ereviews's Garage


2009-04-29 18:10:39
   . . . . .   
Pros: smooth suspension, finely tuned steering, nice looking Cons: lacks multiple
play cd/dvds at once, no coin dispenser/storage
The Bottom Line: This is our third Saturn. Saturn has never let us down in our
longest history with a single car company. They make a strong product and they back it up.

2009-04-29 18:10:39
   . . . . .   
Pros: Gas efficient, low maintenance Cons: Engine not very powerful
The Bottom Line: It has
some minor drawbacks if you are a serious car aficianado but for the regular commuter, it far exceeds the base
necessities. I strongly recommend this car.

2009-04-29 18:10:39
   . . . . .   
Pros: Ample room, price was right. Cons: Poor quality parts, cheap interior
The Bottom Line: I would not recommend this vehicle. Buy a used import.

2009-04-29 18:10:39
   . . . . .   
Pros: Roomy, great mileage, unusual design, reliability, great price, etc... Cons: A
bit weak climbing hills or passing giant SUVs, no freels interior, ummm...that's really it.
The Bottom Line: I highly recommend
this vehicle for new families, singles who love to take friends out and anyone who wants a great combination of
roominess, style, reliability and function.

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