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ereviews's Garage


2009-04-29 18:10:39
   . . . . .   
Pros: Price, great customer service, fuel efficiency and so much more Cons: We don't
own two of these!
The Bottom Line: I would recommend this car to anyone. The sales staff at Saturn are very friendly and
no-pressure. The price to great for such an excellent quality car.

2009-04-29 18:10:39
   . . . . .   
Pros: Almost as useful as a minivan without the geek factor Cons: Blends into
traffic a little too much for my taste
The Bottom Line: A solid family car. Great reputation and economy all in one. Not for the
serious off roading crowd.

2009-04-29 18:10:39
   . . . . .   
Pros: Looks, Interesting dash board, Cons: Ride, Fit and Finish, Noises
The Bottom
Line: Buy a bicycle

2009-04-29 18:10:39
   . . . . .   
Pros: Size, gas mileage, appearance, storage space, sitting space Cons: small
visors, a bit choppy at first in the cold
The Bottom Line: The Scion xA is a great little car that gets great gas mileage and is a
pleasure to drive.

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