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ereviews's Garage


2009-04-29 18:10:39
   . . . . .   
Pros: Price, economy, and room. Cons: The 4-cyl engine is a bit underpowered when
the VUE is fully loaded.
The Bottom Line: Don't hesitate to look at this car! It's a good value and a nice drive.

2009-04-29 18:10:39
   . . . . .   
Pros: Gas mileage, style, dependable, outstanding safty Cons: unexeptional
suspension, cramped interior.
The Bottom Line: A great car if you are shopping American or don't want to dicker with a dealer and a
great buy for safty.

2009-04-29 18:10:39
   . . . . .   
Pros: good fuel economy, fairly priced, quiet comfortable ride Cons: too much hard
plastic, rattles after 7000 miles
The Bottom Line: some drawbacks but still an excellent vehicle for the price

2009-04-29 18:10:39
   . . . . .   
Pros: Price, unique design,sound system, warranty, first 3 oil changes free, cargo capacity, comfort
Cons: Limited stock, low front valance clearance, grained dash that catches every crumb.
The Bottom Line: I
recommend this car for price, style and no haggle policy. Forget being 20 this car is for everyone!

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