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ereviews's Garage


2009-04-29 18:10:39
   . . . . .   
Pros: powerful V6, dent resistant body, 20mpg in an SUV. Cons: Saturn resale value
The Bottom
Line: It's a great all around vehicle. Plenty of room, it's able to tow, and it looks good, too.

2009-04-29 18:10:39
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Pros: Reliable, safe, roomy, looks good, feel-good car, excellent service people
Cons: Poor traction, loud, side mirrors break easily,
The Bottom Line: Great all-around car. Very little hassles, but nothing
spectacular either. Next time, I'm getting the electronics!

2009-04-29 18:10:39
   . . . . .   
Pros: Very affordable, good pickup (V6), great, quick steering, roomy. Cons: Some
accessories should be standard.
The Bottom Line: I would recommend the VUE for people who want a reliable, fun car but don't want
to pay an arm and a leg. It's a great mid-sized SUV!

2009-04-29 18:10:39
   . . . . .   
Pros: Customizable, Spacious, Unique Looks Cons: Windshield chips/cracks, sluggish
engine, rough on bumps
The Bottom Line: Because of the windshield chipping/cracking constantly; I have had 7 windshields in 6
months, I cannot recommend this car. It is fun, it is unique, it is also a headache.

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