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esclipse99's Garage

1999 Mitsubishi Eclipse GS-T 2dr Conv Spyder Turbo Manual

Questions & Answers

A: 5 gear and reverse will not engage?

check on ebay are google c if they might have a answer for ya

A: where can you go to find a free repair manual for 91 1.8l??

good luck check on ebay are google it how to change the timing belt on ur car know u have to pull alot of stuff out to change the timing belt alot of work had mine done last year

A: 99 eclipse?

is it a manual if so there is a gear box under the shift check if the screws are out the gear box maybe the clutch to

A: 2000 mitsubishi eclipse 6 cly. GT Code d300 random misfire ?

no fire to one of ur spark plugs bring to auto zone are advance auto they put a machine on ur car for free gives u a code and see what the problem is maybe a oxgyen sensor in ur muffler my engine light stayed on for ever not to much to worry about if running good are maybe u just low on fluids did u check all fluids in ur car might go off are if u have a back windshield wiper fill that one to up

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