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etag88's Garage

2001 Dodge Neon Highline 4dr Sedan

Questions & Answers

A: Why does my radio turn off when I try to use my wiper fluid??

thanks...i'll have to take a look at the wireing and the scematic for it again...

Mechanic Q: Why does my radio turn off when I try to use my wiper fluid??

i recently had to replace my multi-switch and everything worked great. followed the instructions perfectly. but one thing must have gone wrong because now whenever i try to use my wiper fluid the radio turns off then when i let go of the switch it turns back on. and the fluid never sprays.

A: why doesn't my passenger side headlight work??

thank you..will try this and see what i find.

Mechanic Q: why doesn't my passenger side headlight work??

this has been an ongoing problem. both of my high-beams work fine (i have to drive around with them on at night or get pulled over). but the regular low-beams only the driver's side works. the passenger side will not come on. at first there was smoke coming from the multi-switch so i thought this is the problem. i replaced it and nothing. no more smoke. but the light still won't go on. i have checked all fuses..and they are all good..i even went ahead and bought a set of halo lights thinking maybe it had something to do with the actual light housing. and still nothing..i am at a loss as to what this could be. i have visually checked the wires that i could without removing anything. and all is good..i have the repair manual for the car. but it's no help for this.

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