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2000 Ford Explorer XLT 4dr 112 WB AWD

Questions & Answers

Mechanic Q: What the....?

Well, waiting for almost a week for an answer is a waste of my time and effort trying to explain my car issues. It seems like no one ever gets a final answer or anything fixed by what I've read. Thanks anyway.

Mechanic Q: Rough idle?

Once the truck reaches operating temp, it idles a little rough. I've tried everything that I can think of to smooth it out. Tune up and also sprayed throttle body (CRC) cleaner in it and cleaned the IAC (oiled the seal). Also used fuel injection cleaners in the gas tank. Listened for vacuum leaks and sprayed the vacuum lines with the cleaner while it was running while waiting for the idle to change, thinking that would find a leak. Other then that, it runs great, just very annoying to me. Can you help me with this? Thanks

Mechanic Q: Key pad on drivers door?

The key pad works when you lock the truck by pushing the "9" and "0" at the same time but I can not unlock it. There is no previous code anywhere on the truck or owners manual. Can it be reset to place your own code? Is there a trick to it? I followed what the manual said and couldn't get it to work. Please give me a hand with this. Thanks.

Mechanic Q: Idle not perfect?

It idles a little rough, a slight miss, but it takes off with no hesitation, has all the power, runs great. It also starts hard at times, mostly when at operating temp. Battery is clean and just gave it a full tune-up. I just bought this Xterra off private party so not sure how old the battery is. The Service light is no longer on, but still have these issues. Auto Zone read the trouble code and said possible Knock sensor and a number of other things off of one code. I left there thinking I should just replace the whole engine.

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