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1999 Toyota Corolla CE 4dr Sedan Manual

Questions & Answers

Q: Rear cup-holder for 99 Corolla?

I'd like to order a replacement rear cupholder for my 99 Corolla. Can someone give me a part number for this item so that I can order one? Thanks.

Q: Replacement console bin for 99 Corolla??

My Corolla has a handy small bin in the center console, just in front of the gear shift knob. The hinges on the door have broken, and for now I'm using velcro to hold it closed. Can someone give me a part number so that I can order a replacement bin?

Q: Upgrade to fold-down rear seats for 99 Corolla??

Is it true that the higher trim lines of the 1999 Corolla had fold-down rear seats? If so, I'd be very interested in buying used fold-down rear seats from a junker and having them installed. Any suggestions for where I could purchase these seats? Thanks