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2002 Ford Escape XLT Sport 4dr 103 WB XLT 4WD Sport

Questions & Answers

Mechanic Q: Steering control loss?

When I am driving and it doesn't seem to matter if I am at 25 or 70 I will randomly lose control and it pulls hard left ot right. It feels like I am driving on there is very little control in the steering at all. almost too loose. It makes it look like I am steering left and right quickly at times just controlling it when it does "act up". Sometimes it is just fine and drives great. Tires are ok on front and just had rear tires put on this morning. The steering is actually worse since I had the tires out on today. Twice when I got to 60 (10 miles under speed limit) it started shaking and sounding like something was hitting. But if I slowed a little it didnt make the noise. (It didnt do that before today) I thought it was alignment but it is so all over the road that I am not sure about that. It is almost like someone is squirting oil underthe tires while I am driving! :) Thanks!

Mechanic Q: Trnasmission ,Electrical or something else??

I purchased my Escape used and have nothing but trouble with brakes, engine and transmission. The latest was having to put a refurbished transmission in 11 months ago. On a trip two weeks ago the overdrive light starts flashing and it kicked it out of OD. The check engine light came on as well. The weird thing is that I can turn off the truck and turn it back on and it "resets" the OD light and drives fine for a little while and it'll do it again. I shutter at the thought that it can be my transmission again! I take care of the truck, but it also keeps getting a small oil leak and started leaking coolant the same day two weeks ago when the whole thing started. Whole other topic! Could my problem be electrical for the lights coming on? (The airbag light also occasionally pops up when the check engine light is not on..I never know what to believe!) I just don't know where to start ..transmission mechanic or my regular mechanic