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1996 Lincoln Town Car Cartier 4dr Sedan

Questions & Answers

Mechanic Q: Car will turn over and not start?

Shut car off and it will not start, motor will crank fine, disconnect the battery for about 10 minutes and hook back up and it starts, Lincoln dealer said they do not know what the problem is because they can't get a code , because I disconnected the battery. They said next time it does that do not disconnect, call a tow truck and send it to them, what is going on here.

A: Car will turn over and not start?

I tried that site and Google couldn't find any matching documents for it. Could you send that site ID to me again. This Town Car has the 4.6 engine.

A: Car will turn over and not start?

Where are the crank sensors located? Had starting problem back in 2005, dealer replaced fuel pump, car failed again next day, sent car back to dealer and they said they found bad wire going to fuel pump, had no problems starting car until September 2011, drove car approx about 2,000 miles and problem started again, three times I have disconnected the battery and restarted the car, last time was three weeks ago and it is still starting normaly, could the dealer have used a scantool to find the code as to why this keeps happening.

Mechanic Q: oil fllter mount?

What is the name of the part that holds the oil filter and a pressure switch

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