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1995 Infiniti Q45 Base 4dr Sedan Luxury Performance

Questions & Answers

A: Check Engine Soon Light?

Thanks! I will be sure to do that. I runs like a champ and I love the power it has.

A: Check Engine Soon Light?

I have cleared the check engine light. I cleaned the MAF with some MAF cleaner real good, had the codes cleared and rechecked and no more codes. It's been going good now for about four days and no check engine soon light. Thanks for your advice.

Mechanic Q: Check Engine Soon Light?

I have 142,000 miles on my Lincoln Navigatore. My check engine soon light has come on and I have noticed that my truck is idling low. I changed my pcv valve and hoses connected to the pcv valve. My truck still idles low when I put the vehicle in drive and the AC is running. Is this an indication that the oxygen sensors are bad?

A: Check Engine Soon Light?

It was in fact the fuse to the cigarette lighter and odbII. The codes were: P0171 Bank 1 P0174 Bank 2 It is running lean. Could it be a vacuum leak or oxygen sensors? If oxygen sensors which ones? I was told there were about five on my model.

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