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2002 Oldsmobile Alero GL1 4dr Sedan

Questions & Answers

Mechanic Q: 2.2L Ecotec Valve Question?

I have an Alero 2002 with a 2.2L Ecotec, had the timing chain break, it's obvious now with no compression there is valve damage because it's an intereference engine. I Took it in anyway to have it looked at, the mechanic wanted 2,000 to replace 6 valves I believe this is a job I can do myself, I've been working on cars for a while. I replaced the timing chain myself and practically gift wrapped the car for him to look at, removed the valve cover, etc. To be clear, if I take the head off and order some valves, is it possible I may not need machine work? shouldn't I just be able to replace the valves, do a leak test on the cylinders, get a new gasket, be sure the bolts are put in the exact same place, line up the cam marks properly for the timing chain, set the motor at top dead center lining up the timing chain mark at the camshaft? It's my understanding I may not have to send the head out, as long as I verify the valves are properly installed, there are no leaks and using a metal yard stick to be sure the head isn't warped. Remember this is from a car that was running fine 2 weeks ago, just the timing chain broke and some valves are damaged. Shouldn't I just be able to replace the damaged valves and as long as they seat properly as I said and a leak test (Using water or brake cleaner) would ensure it's proper? Any help would be appreciated. Also do you recommend even though the engine isn't running to put anti-freeze in the motor still. Any suggestions until it gets warm enough outside to work on it, winter is approaching.

Mechanic Q: Please Help Alero Timing Chain?

I appreciate any help someone could give me, if you could email me at I can send you some pictures of the work I did to the timing chain. My wife was driving and the car just quit, after doing alot of research and testing I found it was the timing chain, so I took everything apart - The valve cover and down below to expose the timing chain. Went and bought a new chain, the tensioners looked good. I took the one cam off (Exaust - the one towards the back of the engine on the ecotec to position the mark EXAUST with the link on the chain. The other one I just turned to bolt with the wrench to line it up. Not sure if I was supposed to turn the cams like that with the wrench, didn't feel any resistance. Then I went down below and lined up the red dot on the camshaft gear with the mark on the chain. Everything looked good to me. The INT and EXST marks on top were right on and below was right from the instructions. I put everything back together, the chain was not easy to get in, the instructions didn't say anything about the allen wrench cap in the head that exposes the from tensioner in order to get that out, but I did it and got the chain in. Then after putting everything together I tried to start it and it did the same exact thing as before, the starter spins , i believe the chain broke again. I've read about intereference engines, what should I do now? if I take the valve cover off again how can I test to see if the lifters are damaged from looking and did I do something wrong by taking the cam off to align it? is there something I should be looking at to reset the cams if you don't know where the cams were and the timing is totally wacked? Why would it break a brand new chain right off the bat? your help is appreciated. Frank

Mechanic Q: Challening Alero Problem ?

Hello. I really need someone's help. I myself have worked on cars for many years, this one my wife's car, an olds alero 2002, 2.2 Ecotec Engine. It's been having issues with passlock of course so I replaced the lock cylinder and the ignition switch. Car has been running fine 2 days ago my wife was driving and the car just quit while diriving. When I arrived at the scene I tried to start it and it just made a starter spinning noise, like it's no engaging the flywheel or something. I bought a new starter and tried it, did the same thing - have replaced the battery, does the same thing. I looked at the flywheel from the starter hole and it doesn't look eaten up, I was able to turn it very easily with a scredriver alittle bit which concerns me, it was alittle too easy to turn in my opinion. So the starter engages and makes a spinning sound like it's just spinning. Could this be a flywheel problem? It's very confusing because something caused the engine to quit. I thought maybe the BCM but I don't think the BCM would be at fault here since there is current going to the starter obviously. I even had it out and watched the bendix come out and the starter turn of course putting in a new one illiminated any ideas? engine seize? flywheel just spinning freely? cracked?