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gar11's Garage

1999 Subaru Forester L 4dr Manual RA Pkg AWD

Questions & Answers

A: Why does the engine die?

No codes, it's been checked twice with nothing found! Thanks for replying!

Mechanic Q: Why does the engine die?

wipers and heating fan slow down. radio stops turn signals stop and all gauges stop working. Warning lights come on, ABS,check engine, parking break, stability control, low tire pressure. While all of this is happening the engine looses power and even in neutral will not rev as per normal. Then the engine stops. Sometimes symptoms disappears and vehicle will resume running normally other times the engine stops running and will not start until battery is recharged. Battery has been tested and is good. HELP!!!

Mechanic Q: what is going to break?

After driving approx 10 miles and stopping.The car makes a clunking noise when executing a tight turn going forwards or in reverse from a stop. Noise goes away when driving straight. Feels like something binding.