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1995 Honda Civic LX 4dr Sedan Auto 1.5L

Questions & Answers

Q: Water getting under passenger dash causing no-start problems?

Following rain, or even high humidity, water has found a way in under the passenger dash, causing a problem with the ECU which prevents the fuel pump relay from energizing, sometimes for a very long period. This disables the fuel injectors and ignition. The car cranks but will not fire. The Check Engine lights stays on until the circuit dries, then goes out and you hear the fuel pump run normally, and then it starts right up (a few seconds to hours, depending on how damp it is). The windshield has been checked. Seals are tight. Main relay has been replaced with Honda OEM relay. Have tried Damp-Rid to dry excess moisture, nothing has been successful yet. I was told the drainage channels below the windshield, under the plastic grille where air is drawn in from the outside, may have crud built-up in them. My area does have leaves from the trees where I park. I keep the leaves brushed out, but I am not sure how to take this apart without damaging the trim and clean and/or reseal it properly. I need some good advice, hate to take it to a shop for this if I can handle it. Any help appreciated!