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2005 Jaguar S-TYPE Base 4dr Sedan V6

Questions & Answers

Mechanic Q: what i the problem and what is the solution?

Ron W. - intermittently, when I slow down to stop, going 5-10 mph, the engine revs [sounds like reving] and the brake pedal feels as if the power brakes do not operate - I cannot stop the car - a few times it has happened when i have stoped to park at a parking place and the curb [ an unmovable object] stops the car. Once in Scottsdale, I hit the car in front of me - very slightly, causing no damage with no accident report by either party. The next day I took the car to Scottsdale Jaguar who checked the brake system only and could not replicate the stopping issue and returned the car to me. Then in Las Vegas, I hit a car stopping in the left turn lane - same symptoms almost no damage to either my car or the car in front of me. the next day, i drove the car to Gaudin Jaguar and thay also are unable to replicate the issue. Now I have had two accidents and thankfully, in the second accident there was a car in front of me OR I would have continued to move into the intersection and could have been broad sided. I need to find an answer. One person has said that it is a trottle problem. Another said that it is a brake pedal micro switch problem. I need your best advice on this issue. Also, how can I replicate the issue so that Gaudin Jaguar can document the issue and fix it. Thank you for your help.

Mechanic Q: What is the problem and what is the solution - added?

In previous question, I hit [not it] two cars. Also, the 2005 Jaguar has approximately 62000 miles on the odometer. - George David 949-244-8585

Mechanic Q: What is the problem and what is the solution ??

When I put my foot on the brake and slow down to 5 mph, on occasion, the engine revs and does not stop. The brake does not go down - like before power brakes. I have it two cars - caused very very minor damage. This also occurs when I drive into a parking spot but then the curbg stops the car. This is a very infrequent issue and does not occur repeatedly. it is vey dangerous. If a car was not in front of me, I could have gone into the intersection and could have been broadsided by cross traffic. I have had Penske Jaguar in Scottsdale, AZ and Gaudin Jaguar in Las Vegas, NV diagnose the problem but they cannot replicate the problem since it only occurs intermittently. I have opened a case file with jaguar of north america but they have directed me to work with a Jaguar retailer. I anm at wits end. The car is too dangerous to drive until this issue is resolved. Please help me with your advice. Please call me on my cell phone at 949-244-8585 or e-mail me at Thank you in advancde for your expertise. George David

A: What is the problem and what is the solution ??

Can you suggest where the problem lies - the Transmission software, the braking system, etc. ? thank you, George