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georger0678's Garage

1995 Honda Civic CX 3dr Hatchback Manual 1.5L

Questions & Answers

A: pulsating brakes?

thank you, i will follow up on your advise.

A: engine for 1995 honda civic?

thank you for your correspondence.

Mechanic Q: engine for 1995 honda civic?

I have a 1995 honda civic with about 273,000 thousand miles on the original engine. I do not know how much longer this engine will be good for but when it eventually goes out I would like to know if I want to keep this car would it be better to rebuild this engine or find one from another honda. I know I probably could not get one in good shape from the same year so are there other hondas from a more recent year that I can replace the motor with.

A: engine for 1995 honda civic?

the only thing about finding the same year engine is that it will probably have high mileage also. Any ideas?

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