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1997 Honda CR-V Base 5dr Auto

Questions & Answers

A: Changing transmission fluid?

Thanks! I've been warned disturbing sediments may cause harm.

Mechanic Q: Changing transmission fluid?

You recommend changing it. I've tried to find a shop, but everyone says don't do it. SMH! To change or not to change transmission fluid?? '97 Honda CRV now 196,522 miles but even when I bought it @149,000 miles no one wanted to drain and fill. What say you? Geoffrey Jones

A: Should I sue?

Thanks Richard W. I'm being told the tapping I heard was the timing belt cutting into the timing belt cover and yes it was off its marks. I see online Timing Belt kits that have the belt, gaskets, seals, tensioner and water pump for $100 - $180. He ordered a Continental belt along with a Gat?? water pump. Could he have been planning to do me from the start? Should I have expected a professional to order a kit with everything needed, especially since I kept asking is there anything else? I sure hope response help not just me but others as well. Geoffrey Jones

Mechanic Q: Should I sue?

I had to tap the starter for it to start my car. I passed inspection, legitimately. So,I decided to put $$ in my car rather than buy someone else's headache. I contacted a mechanic who said bring car in so he could check it. I knew I wanted a timing belt and water pump due to the mileage and a starter because to me one fail is one fail too many. Not being a mechanic myself, I asked the mechanic what all was needed to do the job right even hardware. He called the recommended parts house, Buy Wise, and ordered the parts. I went to pay and pick up the parts. While doing so I called the mechanic and again asked what else was needed, he just ensured I got 2 gallons of antifreeze. I took the parts to the mechanic Saturday night. Sunday morning I paid him his rate and left, as I seemed to be in the way trying to see. Mechanic called for me to pick up car but he noted there's a run on sound when starting the car which is not normal. He asked me if I had checked the starter when I picked it up adding there were finger prints on it that looked like someone had installed it but returned it. This confused me because I'm not a mechanic and only followed his lead trusting my car would be done right. Upon arrival, I see car running wasting gas he said it was necessary due to the work done. I asked the mechanic why I hear tapping and likened it to a diesel. He said, "You're a quart low on oil." I drive off, immediately, I notice there's hesitation that did not exist prior to his doing whatever. Next day, while taking my daughter to work, I hear a pop then I lose power steering and the alt light comes on, yes, I had him change those belts as well, all preventive maintenance. I drop her off open the hood and see a twisted belt and what I termed a pulley that looked out of place. I call the mechanic, no answer. Two stops more, I don't cut the car off but when I come back to it it's off. Another call leads to my having to tow car to shop. He would not come the 4 - 5 blocks to look at it. About 3 hours later his tech goes under the car and comes out with a wheel in his hand. I overheard 'bolt and cotter pin'. After an hour or so of mechanic walking around with attitude and tech working on another car, I point out I have things to do. Now we're back to the hostility of the night before but when he challenged what I'm gonna do, I said I'll take you to court. he gave me . . . I think he knows they messed up. Can I get a summary opinion? I towed my car to my son's shop in Philadelphia to get an assessment. Does it sound like I have a case? Also, is it ever wise to spend money ahead of time to ward off problems with cars down the road? Thanks, Geoffrey Jones 201-726-0686

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