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gjones's Garage

1997 Honda CR-V Base 5dr Auto

Questions & Answers

Mechanic Q: Hi, bank 1 is too lean & bank 2 is too rich is it time for junk yard retirement??

Don't want to be nickel and dimed. I've changed wires, plugs, distributor caps, rotors all twice and now coil pack but check engine light has been on more often than off over past 12 months. Note, I get better gas mileage with it on. Any suggestions would be helpful!

Mechanic Q: oily spark plug(s)?

I was going to change my spark plugs. Staring from driver's side, I removed the plug, it wasbrownish stained like dried crusted oil residue. The next plug to the left was oily. This is where I stopped, put the oily plug back in, and replaced the new plug I had installed with the old plug I had replaced. Read it slow, you'll get it, LOL. I saw a youtube video that makes removing the vlave cover and replacing something in each spark plug well(???) an easy task. May I have your thoughts on both, if you can understand my queries?

A: oily spark plug(s)?

Hi thanks. i just got finished, well my son came up from Philly and we changed the Valve cover Gasket along with the spark plug tube seals. So now my tune-up is complete. Your response was helpful in that you took the time to respond!

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