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1981 Buick Regal Base 2D Coupe

Questions & Answers

A: Replace cat??

I will try that thank you also I heard someone with the same issue but a 2003 model said they replaced the manifold but removed the pre cat and then replaced the exhaust pipe which has a converter integrated for my model then installed a spacer between the manifold and o2 sensor thus eliminated this from happening again. he did this in 2008 and still has a clean engine is that possible given the fact that i live in california?

Mechanic Q: Replace cat??

i have a 2006 altima 2.5, now at 120,000miles. basically my engine failed and am currently swapping it, put all i had left in a new engine after being laid off im worried if this happens again i cant fix it so do i fix the rear, front or both cats? no check engine light (ever) no low oil light (ever) was putting in a quart every 2 wks for 6 months until it died, sounded like coins in a tin can at the end, i called nissan they said sorry your car was made dec not nov

Mechanic Q: engine swap / engine just died?

will a 07-09 maxima engine fit my 06 2.5 altima? or a g35/g37 engine? my altima just died and need help fast

A: axle out of place?

im sorry i never replied but i bought a new one after that because as you said it came apart, it didnt seem like it until i drove it....... horrible noise so i got the new one and walah its all better now. Thank you

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