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greg_wq8w's Garage

2006 Mercedes-Benz E-Class 5.5L AMG 4dr Sedan


2013-02-15 11:14:10
NHTSA FUEL LEAK ISSUE: PE12001   . . . . .   
To date (02/15/2013) I am personally aware of 76 individual cases of fuel leaks on the E55 platform with reports filed
with NHTSA. (See NHTSA # PE12001 for details). The 2008 recall campaign was a half-hearted attempt to bandaid a serious
fuel leak problem and it remains a serious and persistent issue to this day. I am also aware that numerous E-class
owners (non AMG) have had similar fuel leak issues, and have also filed with NHTSA for resolution. Overall I do LOVE
this car, but MBUSA is really tarnishing their image with their legal maneuverings and refusal to take direct action on
something as serious as a fuel leak issue.