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1997 Mitsubishi Eclipse GSX 3dr Coupe Turbo Manual AWD

Questions & Answers

A: What does Service G mean??

This would indicate that you need to service/replace the following: Spark Plugs, Engine Air Filter, Cabin Dust Filter, Oil & Filter change, Brake Fluid, Fuel Filter, Brakes, and reset FSS.

A: Where is the Power Steering Pump located on an 1999 Sable?

It is located next to the power steering reservoir, right next to the passenger side strut tower.

A: how do I do a tune up?

At 48k miles your vehicles maintenance requirements are as follows. Replace: Engine Oil, Engine Oil Filter. Lubricate the locks. Inspect: Air Filter Element, Brakes and Traction Control, Coolant, Cooling System, A/T Fluid, Restraint Systems, Steering and Suspension, Washer Fluid, Wiper Blade, and do a Visual Vehicle Inspection. Thank you for using DriverSide.

A: what tools do I need to do a brake job?

You will need a ratchet with the right size socket to remove the wheel and the brake caliper. If you need the size I could look it up for you. You will also need a small pry bar or flat head screw driver to remove the pads and help with removing the caliper. You may want to have a plastic hammer handy. You will also need a large C clamp to push the brake piston back. It is sometimes possible to push the piston back by hand but it may require allot of force to push it in. Long story short, you will need: Ratchet, sockets, pry bar or screw driver, plastic hammer, and C clamp. Thank you for using DriverSide.

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