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Questions & Answers

Mechanic Q: i have an OBD1 system with an OBD2 plug how do i check for codes?

a local parts store loaned me the scanner but it did not have an adapter for this set up. Can i change the plug? When it stalls if i am moving at all the car will start itself and continue down the road. there also is a bad smell inside like something is burning up. does this sound like the computer is bad? Thanks ElizabethK for the help

Mechanic Q: the engine stalls what could cause this?.?

When it stalls all the instrument lights come on as if I just turned on the key. Sometimes when I am driving this will happen and then start back up without me doing anything. It runs fine other than this problem.

Mechanic Q: if i pull a sparkplug and ground it to the motor and while turning it over there is no spark what co?

when i bought this car 1 week a go i was told it was the fuel pump that was bad and since it had no battery i replaced the fuel pump and the battery at the same time

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