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griffin's Garage

1991 Honda Accord DX 2dr Coupe 5-Spd


2009-04-20 21:54:55
THE BEST CAR EVAR!!!   . . . . .   
I own a Grand Marquis, It is, as you can guess by the title, the best car I have ever driven. First of all, it drives
like it's floating. Literally. And the electrical-adjusting seats are AWESOME. The back seats are like a big couch.
Although it is an extremely HUGE car, is has tons of class. the seats are a fine blue velvet, it is a classic car of the
1980s. You can't go ANYWHERE (Except for the desert) without people staring in awe. It has mileage up to 21 mpg! It's
also indestructible, like a tank. I accidentally drove it into a concrete divider at a bank, the divider moved a foot or
two. The left light cracked a little, and it bent down an inch. I could push it back and it wouldn't make a difference.
I am a HUGE fan of the 1982 Gand Marquis.