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grzegorz's Garage

1997 Toyota Camry LE 4dr Sedan Auto


2012-06-07 22:34:13
Fantastic   . . . . .   
This car is really great. No troubles, fantastic comfortable but controlled ride. This car forgives driver's bad manners
and runs very elegant under any outside conditions. About 80% of parts are original - factory - including original
struts and 90% of bulbs are original. Never betrayed me as owner since it's very reliable machine.

Questions & Answers

A: 2007 camry?

It is really too much. It is possible you have o-rings on valve stems worn out - which is best and cheapest possibility (if it's V4 engine). Other could be costly but easy to find out. For example if you have worn out piston rings - machanic will check your pistons' pressure with special meter and then he pours some oil into spark plugs holes then again check for cylinders' pressure - at that moment he knows whether rings are OK or worn (because after oil addition he sees temporarily increase in cylinder pressure due to temporarily stopping leaking of cylinder pressure). But as I said - it's very possible you have just o-rings worn out.

A: About rear window defogger?

Thanks Richard, you advice was very helpful - I found my open in affected stripe.

Mechanic Q: About rear window defogger?

what is best way to find out where is the point of open circuit of electric path on the rear defogger? Two paths out of about total twenty paths are out of order and they don't heat the glass anymore. But I want to find exact point where they are broken/worn out since I need to paint them with special electric paint.

A: About rear window defogger?

Thanks Richard. I do have the ohmmeter. So what is a procedure? Do I first try to find open point visually or just touch leads somewhere in bad stripe trying to find out differences of resistance?

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