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guineapig63's Garage

2003 Chevrolet Corvette Base 2dr Coupe

Questions & Answers

A: when i put the key in the ignition swithc, there is no fire. the vehcie will not start.?

Always is either: no spark OR no fuel. Pull a spark plug, place it near the engine block, crank the engine and see if there is spark. There should be some sort of electrical arc visible. If no spark could be: crankshaft sensor or coil related. If there is spark, then must be a fuel delivery problem. Check for noise for fuel pump. Could be a fuel pump relay, or fuel pump motor. That should do it. Doesn't hurt to replace the fuel filter either.

Q: How to fix car alarm.?

Factory alarm. Arms when the drivers door lock button is used. Supposed to immediately deactivate when a key is used to unlock the car (or a remote). Alarm always goes off for about 20 seconds before deactivating. How do I fix this problem. Door locks all work except front passenger door. Would appreciate how to remove front passenger door panel also (to fix lock).