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2004 Dodge Ram 1500 ST 4dr Quad Cab 140.5 WB

Questions & Answers

Q: Stalling - Electrical or Fuel? - Cant stop the ding?

This seems like an electrical issue but the diagnose came up with a fuel regulator. I am wondering if issues are related. Daughter dirves this mainly highway with some minor short distance driving. For some time she has had the ding-ding warning that you get when you leave lights on or keys in the ignition even when she is holding the keys in the dark. It will start dinging the moment she opens the door. this seemed like a minor nuisance and it seemed likely electrical. We replaced a transmission not too long ago and she service it regularly. She started having occasional stalls and moments when her electronics failed. We took it to a mechanic who suggested we replace the instrument panel for around $450. She drove it for a couple of days and then it died on her on the highway. It just stopped being on. She got it restarted and drove it to a nearby Meineke. This was a different mechanic but she did tell him about the replaced instrument panel. He said the coolant temperature sensor was out and he would need to replace it and related systems for something like $950. We left. We drove the car home. Now she wants a new car. I want this to be the fault of the fiorst mechanic who will fix it for free and i want her to keep the car until she graduates.