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jackm0985's Garage

2002 Ford Taurus SES Deluxe 4dr Sedan


2011-11-29 08:53:20
Rides Like Crap but is a great car   . . . . .   
My wifes brother bought this car new, @75K he gave it to our daughter. She drove it about 2.5 years and gave it to her
younger brother who is currently driving it. Still looks & runs good @ 130,000 miles. One alternator 1 radiator, front &
rear struts, 1 fuel pump, 1coil. Other than that only normal up keep. It has the 5.0 W/ automatic. Gets about 20 mpg on
average. Been a very good car but at 60 years of age I can't appericate the rough ride and climbing over the roll bar to
get in & out.

2011-11-29 08:35:48
Love this truck   . . . . .   
Bought this truck 2 years ago from a private owner. Only had 49K miles.They said the motor had low oil pressure, and got
poor fuel mileage. The engine ran smooth & quite, turned out it only needed a new oil sending unit, carries great oil
pressure. They only ran 15 lbs of air in the tires, hence the bad fuel mileage. Ran some Lucas Fuel System Cleaner thru
it, now I get 26.5 mpg combination city-hwy. Not the fastest truck, only has the 2.5 4 cyl AMC Jeep engine, but it does
a good job and is cheap to operate. Only other thing I have done was replace the worn out shocks & put on a new set of
Cooper tires. Paint is still shiny & interior is perfect, AC works great. Only complaint I have is the heater is weak,
only gets lukewarm.

2011-11-29 08:14:21
Has been a great car.   . . . . .   100% Useful Rating
Bought this car 10 years ago with 8,900 miles, now has 123,000. Very satisfied, has only need 1 brake job, 2 tune-ups,
regular oil & filter changes, 1 tailight bulb, and just installed 3rd set of tires 6/11. Much better car than the Honda
I once owned. Also still has the original struts and still rides pretty good.

Questions & Answers

Mechanic Q: Gasoline smell when parked?

Sometimes get the smell of gasoline when the car is parked. Can't find any leaking gas, no check engine light, and no drop in fuel mileage. Also the car is running fine. Any ideas? Thanks in advance for your help.

A: Gasoline smell when parked?

11/05/11 I put a bottle of Lucas Fuel System Deep Clean in a full tank of gas and that has cured the problem. Thanks for your help, you folks provide a valuable service.

Mechanic Q: Engine cranks rapidly but won't fire?

Ran fine yesterday but hesitated a little when pulling into the garage. This morning it would crank over rapidly but not fire up. Dosen't seem to be getting any spark. Thank you.

A: Engine cranks rapidly but won't fire?

Before I recived your reply I replaced the coil. That solved the problem. Thanks for your response.

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