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jad53's Garage

2015 MINI Cooper Convertible Base 2dr


2009-06-12 09:28:29
Really solid choice   . . . . .   100% Useful Rating
This vehicle offers a very smooth ride at its price, and of course, you expect and receive a very reliable car from
Toyota It feels very spacious inside, and with a third row, is a great vehicle for the family. It gets good mileage
too. Very highly recommended, especially at the price

2009-06-10 10:35:35
Very solid   . . . . .   
This truck gives you just what you should expect: reliable, solid, and wokmanlike. I do not drive it much, but I have
had absolutely no problems with it. The mileage is good. It is best in class

2009-06-10 04:03:18
Very dependable at a great price   . . . . .   
Well, you do not buy the Base Ranger for a smooth ride or serious performance. You buy it for utility and reliability.
And this truck provides both. Hugely satisfied with this truck, and the price was incredible. Gets good mileage too

2009-06-10 04:03:18
This car is the bomb   . . . . .   100% Useful Rating
This thing is sweet. It is fast and smooth. And the manual transmission transitions are like silk. I recommend it
highly. An incredible value at this price point

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Questions & Answers

A: where can i find an owners manual for 03 infinity G35 coupe??

You may be able to get it at the Infiniti site... Also, DriverSide makes manuals available for free (in our servicing section), but we are right in the middle of re-formatting them. You can wait a couple of weeks for us -- or try the Infiniti site now

A: Door locks?

Do they lock when pressing the "lock" button on the fob?

A: rangie overheats?

Hi, We are about to launch a feature where you can ask these sorts of questions to certified auto experts for free. For now, I would recommend Note that you will have to pay to get an answer there

A: How to check automatic transaxle fluid level of 1999 Malibu?

In about 2 weeks, DriverSide will allow you to ask certified experts/technicians these sorts of questions for free. Until then, you might want to go to to pose this question. You will have to pay some money on that site to get an answer

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