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jason4650's Garage

2005 Chevrolet Aveo LT 5dr HB

Questions & Answers

Mechanic Q: Why does my tac jump??

While driving when I let off the gas the tac goes up and down, in the range of about 500 rpm's. I was told it is due to the trans and engine not corresponding with each other properly. The car is also sluggish when starting from a dead stop. Can you help?

A: Why does my tac jump??

Thank you for your response. I took the car in to a Chevy dealer and they say there is no problem. Last week while driving in about 30 degree damp wheather I was unable to stop at a light. The engine wanted to continue to move the car while braking causing the ABS to kick in and pushing me into the intersection a bit. Would the check engine light come on if there was a fault code? Also, at the time of purchase I paid $2,100 for a three year extended warranty but it seems the dealer does not care to work with it. Do you know if dealers and warranty companies have any kind of realtionship?

Mechanic Q: Gas and Oil?

I just bought this car with 44,271 miles. Being that I don't know what type of unleaded gas or oil used would it cause a problem putting premium gas and full synthetic oil? Would it be worry the extra price? Thanks; Jason