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2000 Infiniti G20 Luxury 4dr Sedan Manual

Questions & Answers

Mechanic Q: Air Conditioning Controls?

Hi, My air conditioning blows out through all of my vents. The floor vent, face vent, window vent, you name it! I took it to a professional and they said it was the air conditioning fan speed, temperature, and selector control knobs. What are these actually called, and how much are they?

A: Tranny Problem??

What do you mean by to check if the tranny is full?

Mechanic Q: Tranny Problem??

Hi, My 2000 G20 has problems. When i try to put it in drive or reverse, there is a lag/delay. And when i stop at a stoplight and try to accelerate, the car feels weak on power and the RPM goes up really high. I used a scanner and the car said it had a fault in the CT/CVT section. Scanner gives no PO code. Please Help!!