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jazj10355's Garage

2006 BMW 3-Series 325i 330i 4dr Sedan RWD

Questions & Answers

Mechanic Q: Halo Headlight?

Do I have to replace the whole headlight if just the halo piece isn't working? Or can i just replace the round halo light?

Mechanic Q: Car not acting right since starter changed?

We had a bad starter so we replaced it ourselves. We have a mechanic that walked us through the steps - taking everything apart, keeping up with what goes where and being careful not to break anything. We got the new starter in and put everything back together. Now instead of starting on the first touch, we have to hold the button until it starts. Once it does start, it idles roughly. When put into gear, it takes off very slow like it is starting in 2nd gear (this is an automatic) and it won't switch out - RPMS will go up to 3000-4000 but still will not switch. Now I am stuck only going 40-45 mph. Would the problem be because we disconnected the battery - i had one person tell me the car would need to be reprogrammed? Would that cause the car to drive this way? Should I take it to have everything reset?

Mechanic Q: Car will not start?

For the past 2-3 months, when pushing the start button - the car hesitates before starting. It does after a couple of seconds. Today, it will not start at all. All the lights and radio comes on but it will not start. We checked and the battery is fine. We are thinking it may be the starter. Could you give any advise as to if this is the problem? Where is the starter located?