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jen's Garage

2007 Toyota Corolla S 4dr Sedan Auto (Natl)


2009-06-10 04:11:34
Stylish First Car   . . . . .   
I've owned my Grand Am since I was 16, and it was my first major purchase. I've had some problems with the alternator
and brakes, but it's been a fairly reliable car given its age. The seats are still comfortable and plush, more so than
my friend's newer cars. The standardized low-tech American parts make buying parts and fixing it myself easy. Small
interior defects become aparent with age and sun damage. Although the bumper and spoiler are oxidizing, the body style
of the late 90s Pontaics age well and still look nice on the road. All in all, I plan on keeping my car until she
finally gives out or it becomes impractical to fix her.