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2002 Toyota Corolla CE 4dr Sedan Manual (Natl)

Questions & Answers

Mechanic Q: Keep getting OBD PO442 (small leak in ECC); ?

replaced gas cap and reset code; light came back on about 100 miles later; read online that it could be my vacuum switching valve near the canister but the one carried by autozone and other secondary dealers, including the Toyota dealer doesn't match the one on my Japanese made Corolla; the American VSV has two vacuum lines hooked to it; the Japanese version has 3 vacuum lines hooked to it & is a different configuration; I doubt it is the VSV as the Toyota parts guy told me he hasn't sold one in two years

Q: PO442 OBD code on 2002 Corolla; not gas cap?

I replaced the gas cap and the light still comes on; unlikely VSV near canister but dealer says he hasn't sold one of those in over 2 years; moreover, the dealer won't just replace the VSV but will replace the entire canister etc; could this be just a PCV valve or Oxygen sensor? I jacked up the rear end and checked the lines and saw no detached or deteriorated vacuum lines