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jguerrero's Garage

2004 Ford Explorer XLS 4dr 114 WB 4.0L


2009-06-10 05:53:31
Truck Nightmare    . . . . .   
Truck Nightmare I had too many problems with this truck, bought it new. A year after I bought
this vehicle while driving the car stop, everythig shut down, I could not even steer the dumb car almost cause a major
accident. Took it to the dealer they could not believe the car stop working. The second year problems with the
computerise sensors. Third year fuel pump. Now I am having problems with the warnig signals, that is a sign that the
car is going to stop one more time, back to the vicious cycle. Now I am taking it to a local machanic that I found in
your web site wish me luck. The only reason why I have not trade this truck is because It is almost paid for and
I don't want to be in debt with a new car loan. Driver beware; well with the gas prices I guess nobody will be buying
this truck.