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Questions & Answers

Q: Car Rattles?

My 2003 Highlander has in excess of 100,000 miles and rattles like a child's windup toy! The rattle seems to come from the right front side of the vehicle. I have checked everything possible and cannot seem to locate the problem. Has anyone else experienced a similar problem and located, I hope, a solution to eliminating this annoying sound?

Q: Air Filter Box?

I have found the air filter box in the 2003 Toyota Highlander to be one of the worst designs in modern history! Mine is broken to the point that I have to literally tie it down to keep it all together. I literally hate to check my air filter because of the routine you have to go through to get to it out and to put it back together again. The fact that the hose comes off each time, and if you forget to replace it, you get a warning that has to be reset by the dealer. Is there a remote chance that Toyota has made any improvements to end this nightmare?