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jkatz's Garage


2008-06-04 14:38:04
A costly car   . . . . .   
I bought my wife a 2000 Mercury Sable brand new. It now has 238,000 miles on it. I have replaced the transmission, the
radiator, the rotors & drums & pads, the battery,the air condition unit, the overflow bowl,the serpintene belt, the
windshield 2 times, the converter,& verious small parts. The engine lite has been on for the last 100,00 miles. I change
the oil every 3,000 miles since I bought the car.It gets a regular tune up every 60,000 miles. We love this car.Most of
the driving has been on the highways.I hope to keep it another 250,000 miles.

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I have to replace my rotors & pads every 35,000 miles. Is this normal?