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jleroy's Garage

2006 BMW 3-Series 330i 4dr Sedan RWD

Questions & Answers

Q: Foul smell from the AC?

My car suffers from that foul odor circulating through the AC vents. I've changed the cabin filter and have sprayed an odor eliminator in the interior fan housing but it continues to haunt me???

Mechanic Q: Headlight malfunction when raining?

My passenger side headlamp always fails when it's raining. It doesn't have to be wet, even happens while I'm still in the garage. The light goes out and the dash board reports "right dipped headlamp" is out. I can turn the lights off (from auto position) and back on and the lamp will work, only to fail again while driving or when starting the car again. Any ideas?

Mechanic Q: Power window?

My drivers side window is chattering and slips or reverses when rolling it shut. Would this be the motor or more likely the regulator?

A: Power window?

Can you tell me where I can find a good diagram on how to remove the door panel to replace these parts?

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