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2004 Lincoln Navigator Luxury 4dr 2WD

Questions & Answers

Mechanic Q: can a valve job be done on an 04navagator??

I have been told that a valve job cannot be done on an 04 nivagator. If there is a problem with valves the head has to be replaced. A difference of 10% compression is shown on #8 cylinder .and they said that it is a valve problem and the head has to be replaced.and I am wondering why a valve job cannot be done?

Mechanic Q: what can be done to repair an intermitent engine miss?

sometimes the engine will miss about every 4 or 5 miles and sometimes not miss at all for 50 or more miles. once it missed so bad it would not run any faster than 15 mph the next morning it ran perfect for about 100 miles, it will also just die with out warning but start right back up

Mechanic Q: can a valve job be done on a '04 navagator?

on a 04 navagator why dows the head have to be r&r instead a valve job being done. # 8 cylinder shows a 10% difference in other cylinders compression.