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john8332's Garage

2003 Chevrolet Tahoe LS 4dr 1500

Questions & Answers

A: Engin has a loud sound out of tail pipe?

thanks Rich , I hope it will be easy

Mechanic Q: Engin has a loud sound out of tail pipe?

I just bought this vehicle, and it sounds like i have a loud row out of tail pipe, it sounds like it has a cam lob I think I better get it checked out

A: Engin has a loud sound out of tail pipe?

Hi Richard Ya had it checked out and it's going to b e needing one but it is all right for right now! Another question comes to mind ,I am thinking about dual exhaust,what all does that in tail to change it to duels? I know that it isn't as simple as it use to be back when I was a kid,all ya had to do was slap on the headers and run the tail pipe, I guess that you have to do something with the electronics and the computer system now,at lease I still know how to change the oil and grease the car and but air in the tires,god now that I am retired i want to get back into working on my own cars but man I am lost,and I use to love it so,you wouldn't believe some of the old cars I use to build with my buddies from the ground up,think I'll visit the library and start reading up on building one,here in New Mexico we don't have to worry about all the air standards like you do in other parts of the country,I think this is a good thing,

A: Engin has a loud sound out of tail pipe?

First off thank you Richard, for your quick reply,it's ok original muffler,and I bought a good used vehicle for once,