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jonathanfsmith84's Garage

1978 Chevrolet Corvette Coupe Base


2011-01-24 17:47:50
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2010-04-15 18:36:41
its just ok   . . . . .   
well what can I say....the master cylinder for the clutch was blowing the slave twice once causeing an accident.....of
course the dealer said they were not responsible for the replacement part going bad and that they are not liable for
anything. Of course even though there is a TSB on slave cyl going out all the time that means nothing. Really the Engine
and trans are strong and the ride is ok, tire cost is low and so is gas, just keep up on maint and the car runs good.
keep it washed and dont go all cheapy with it. take it from a mechanic.-and yes I DO HAVE A DEGREE AND STATE INSPECTORS
LISCENCE AND IVE BEEN A TECH FOR 6 YEARS. all my cars have been chevy....yes they break down over time but they are
easier to work on..usually and the parts that break down are predicable, usually. Dash problems-shorts, AC button
control, rear brakes queak a lot.-drums are dumb. speakers are cheap and fizzle. Regulator tracks can freeze up in the
winter so putting some brake silicone grease on those helps. CD/radio players ARE JUNK. Intake manifold design is crap.
throttle cable can rust and jam over a few years....2 slave cylinders, 1 clutch master cyl. 3 speakers, 2 Radio/CD
players, Hub wiring, Transmission, (clutch, pressure plate, flywheel,-geez I paid for that I wonder if that had to due
with the leaking internal slave cylinder>maybe the fluid contaminated the clutch...why didnt the dealer tell me? oh
ya.....its more cost effective for me to pay. cars are a love/hate relationship.

Questions & Answers

A: 97 Cavalier has oil in antifreeze water in oil. Help!?

sounds like blown head gasket. your just going to have to replace it and after that flush the cooling system hot several times with water to get the oil out then flush it a final time so that there is the proper amount of 50/50 antifreeze/water in the system. Get the cooling system tested properly to see if it is truly the head gasket. Also a compression check of your motor would be a good thing to do.

A: what would cause my gas gauge and speedometer to stop working??

Those cavaliers are notorious for bad dash circuits. It will most likely be the problem and have to be replaced.