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2002 Chrysler Sebring LXi 4dr Sedan

Questions & Answers

Mechanic Q: oil light on????

i just got an 02' Chrysler Sebring lxi. it runs fine but when i stop the car the oil light turns on. while im driving it turns back off. i checked the engine oil and it's full. i don't know what could be causing the engine oil light to turn on.

Mechanic Q: steering wheel squeek ?

i just got an 02' Chrysler Sebring lxi. When the car is parked and i turn the steering wheel just a little from left to right i hear a nonstop squeaking noise from somewhere around the front tires, until i stop turning the wheel. its also bit harder to turn the wheel when the car is parked. But when im driving it's fine, the noise is gone and the steering wheel turns normally. Only when i turn the wheel all the way to the left or right when driving is when i hear the same squeaking noise again.