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2009 Toyota RAV4 Base FWD 4dr 4-cyl 4-Spd AT (GS)

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Mechanic Q: rumble on idle ? bubbling noise ? ?

101. i just bought a 2000 Subaru forester with 95k ( when I say recently, I mean yesterday) the guy i bought it from says that it has had all its regular maintenance but no major repairs. He said he expects that i will need to change the timing belt soon. He hass been the only owner of the car and swears by Subaru reliability. I live in NYC and am planning to relocate to Nashville and take the 14 hour car trip there with my new subie this weekend. On the drive today I noticed two issues that I did not catch during the test drive : 1. when idling the car rumbles on and of , it will rumble for about 45 seconds and then stop for about 30 and rumble again for another 45. When not rumbling it sounds quiet and smooth. On the high way it is also VERY smooth. But it sometimes rumbles when driving on streets but not all the time. some times there is a very quick thd thd thd noise 2. The car produces a gurgling or bubbling sound sometimes when I am driving it or when it has recently stopped I have not had it long enough to notice it too often but it seem to be in the center. my questions are do you have any idea what these issues might be ? do you think they are related ? what is the average cost of a timing belt and until when is it safe to drive it before I change it ? Thank you so much for reading :)