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josephuol2m's Garage

2006 Lincoln Navigator Luxury 4dr 2WD

Questions & Answers

Mechanic Q: Navigation System?

Is it possible to operate the Lincoln Navigator navigation system outside North America, specifically South Africa?

Mechanic Q: Check Advance trac shows continuosly, ?

My Lincoln shows "Check advance trac" sign coninuosly after it has been fixed. The ABS sign is also showing and doesnt wanna go away and also the Engine sign. I just got the ca back from the mechanics after it was inoperative for almost three years. Now its running so smooth but the mechanics say they struggle to get the diagnostic codes in order to turn off the visible signs. ( Check Advance Trac+ABS sign + Engine sign) Thanks guys, your advice is always awesome! bye.

Mechanic Q: but thJust changed the computer box e car wont start, ?

but thJust changed the computer box e car wont start, does it need a flashing programme? how is this done. It looks like the old key is not communicating with the replacement computer, is it a problem of programming or what? Thanks JR

Mechanic Q: engine does not complete cycle of starting, ?

mechanics say control box does not receive or does not send current to spark plugs, can you assist please?

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