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1999 Honda Accord Sedan EX 4dr Sedan Auto

Questions & Answers

Q: New spark plugs at 152K?

I am due for a service at 152K for my 1999 Honda Accord EX 4 cyl 2.3L Auto. Is it necessary to replace the spark plugs? What make and model spark plugs are best? Bosch or Denso or something else?

Mechanic Q: How to replace Cabin Air Filter?

My car: 1999 Honda Accord EX 4 dr How to replace the Cabin Air Filter? Is it a easy DIY job for a lay man? Or does it require expertise handling with expert tools? Thanks in advance!

Q: Recommendation of 143500K service?

1999 Honda Accord EX 2.3L 4 dr sedan. I just completed my oil change and was recommended that at 143K miles I get done: a) Transmission fluid flush b) Coolant flush c) Brake flush Questions: a) How far are the above recommendations correct? b) Are the above recommendations as per 1999 Honda Accord EX factory maintenance schedule? c) What is the approximate cost of each of the above items? d) Which is the best place to get the above 3 items done in one single day? e) What are the benefits of getting the 3 done? f) What are the risks standing if we dont get the 3 done? Please help. Regards, 1999 Honda Accord EX 143356 miles now

Mechanic Q: Approximate Cost of 135000 service?

Hi TylerO, Thanks for your response for 135000 miles service. I reviewed the servicing to be done and its a big list. What would be the approximate cost of this kind of lengthy service? Is it recommended that I get this 135K service done at dealer or any regular mechanic is better? Thanks, Jitendra

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