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jtrain3690's Garage

2009 Lincoln MKS Base 4dr Sedan AWD


2013-02-13 01:56:53
love my accord   . . . . .   100% Useful Rating
bought this car few weeks ago as a demo which saved me $3600 off the price. did a weekend trip 650miles..i actually got
what they said..36.2mpg with cruise set at was very comfortable and quite. has a very good ride with the new
mac struts up front but handles different from my 2011 accord with the double wishbone susp..the auto open feature works
for all the windows and sunroof but they no longer close with the remote like my 2011..why get rid of that feature not
sure..but over all i like all the improvements and new features..everyone loves the blind spot camera and i never
realized how often you come close to the lines with the LDW beeping at you all the

2012-05-11 03:48:50
HOT CAR   . . . . .   
Picked up my car may 7th..I love this car and the looks and performance..Seats are comfortable and wrap around you and
cradle you..Sounds great going down the road..Corners like no tomorrow..For a basic sound system has great sound and
punch..The back seat is only for kids..The gauges are clear and easy to see especially at night crystal clear with the
blue backlight and white numbers and red needles..Had the car 2 days and got 500 miles on it..

Questions & Answers

A: Tune Up at 15000 Miles??

just the air filters

A: Is it possible to turn off the running lights? ?

yes..put it in park and set the parking brake..turn the engine off..restart it with the parking brake on and the lights will stay off until you release the parking brake

A: why is my maintenance light on?

because its time for service(oil change,tire change etc...)

Q: oil changes?

my car says it requires 0 weight oil..will it hurt my car if i change it using 10w30 or 5w30 or a semi synthetic oil???