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2001 Toyota Prius Base 4dr Sedan (GS)

Questions & Answers

Q: 2001 Toyota Prius Serpentine Belt?

I have been told that I need the Serpentine Belt changed on my 2001 Toyota Prius, it has about 132K on it. Toyota will charge $90 for this. Just wondering if this is an ok price?

Mechanic Q: windshield washer reservoir 2001 toyota prius?

I need to replace my windshield washer reservoir on my 2001 toyota prius. I was wondering if this would be difficult for me to do myself? The part itself is expensive, I have been searching online for one.

Mechanic Q: 2006 Ford Ranger Battery Light?

My son has a 2006 Ford Ranger. While going to work the other night, it just stopped on him. My husband cleaned the battery post and jumped it. It has a new battery in. The battery light comes on and off, mostly stays on a lot. Auto Zone checked the battery, alternator and starter and all checked out good. Just wondering why the light is on and afraid it might stop on him again.

Mechanic Q: 2001 Toyota Prius Check Engine Light?

I have a 2001 Toyota Prius. The check engine light came on Tuesday while I was about seventy miles away from home. I stopped at Advance auto to get them to check it. I don't remember the code but it had something to do with the catylatic converter. He said something about a misfire. I had him to clear it and have drove for 2 days and it's still off. The car is driving ok. The Friday before this happened I tried to buy gas at Kroger but the pumps shut down while I was pumping so I'm thinking it has something to do with this. It's been 3 days and the light is still off. This same thing happened about a year ago. I had it checked out at the dealership and they told me the converter needed replacing then which cost about $1300. I had the code cleared then also and the light stayed off over a year. All the while driving ok. I like this car and want to keep it running but don't know what to do. I don't want to be stuck somerwhere with it. Any help would be appreciated.

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