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karen_r7qb's Garage

2009 Toyota Camry CE 4dr Sedan I4 Man (SE)


2014-08-28 15:24:14
Star rating: -3. The price qu   . . . . .   
Star rating: -3. The price quoted was quite high & the whole story was not shared with me. Additionally indicated
services were another $500!! I went to Superior Transmissions who told me the whole truth and charged me $100 less!
Since my warranty has 'convienently' expired, I'll be taking my car elsewhere for maintenance. Toyota also made it
difficult to get the parts necessary for my repair causing an additional delay. I cannot trust DARCARS anymore.

2013-12-14 23:13:26
I wish that I had asked the S   . . . . .   
I wish that I had asked the Service Department to replace my brake pads before I needed to have the shoes resurfaced.
It might have been less expensive. $500 plus is tough to take at Christmas time.

2012-11-07 15:23:13
The mechanical work seems to b   . . . . .   
The mechanical work seems to be just fine! But the communication with the service department was problematic. I left
my car the night before for a 7:45 AM service appointment. But, they called me at 7:30 AM to remind me!! I about
hollered the gal deaf! My husband and the kids were still asleep, please! Then, I had to call later in the day to find
out if the car was finished. Finally got an answer to 'how much$' after many minutes on 'hold'. When could I come and
get it? Never did get a call. I just kept calling and calling. Then, the operator for the service department
discovered that the car was ready and I finally picked it up in the late afternoon.

2012-05-22 14:36:22
I was able to get my car servi   . . . . .   
I was able to get my car serviced at the last minute on a Friday evening! My husband and I were going out of town. The
car had just been released to me after 6 weeks in repair after a front end collision. I was worried that something may
have contaminated the oil and that we may have some problems on our long trip. We had a great trip without any car
problems at all. My 2009 Toyota V6 Camry gets 20 MPG around town and 28-30 MPG on the road. Camry is a great car and
very comfortable.

Questions & Answers

Q: Why does the dealership tell me that I need to replace the transmission fluid at the 30,000 mile che?

I was asked to have the transmission fluid changed at the 30,000 mi. checkup. The car maintenance book doesn't mention that. Why? Does it really need to be done at 30K mi.?