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katzie's Garage

2001 Jaguar S-TYPE V6 4dr Sedan

Questions & Answers

Q: original air bags?

Should the original air bags be replaced? There is just under 6,000 miles on the vehicle.

Mechanic Q: catalytic converter?

I've always used premium fuel (as recommended), but have been told that Giant Eagle's Get Go gas is inferior & can cause catalytic converter failure. If this is true, what would be the approximate cost of that part (not counting labor)? Their comment was based on a "lean" smell to the exhaust. Is there a hook up spot to get a computer diagnosis code?

A: something is draining the battery?

Thanks, I'm asking my mechanic if he did this test.

Mechanic Q: something is draining the battery?

What can be checked when there is a drain on a new battery? It will start if done every day but won't start if it sits for 2 days. No lights are left on & radio & auto air/heat is off. Under hood light has been disconnected.

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