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kendall's Garage

2007 Toyota Land Cruiser Base 4WD 4dr (GS)


2009-06-12 06:19:55
2004 VW Passat   . . . . .   
I like my Passat. It is a good comuter car and is a smooth ride. So far it has been tremendsouly reliable. It also
gets good gas milage. If you are looking for an every day car that is reasonably priced I highly recomend a Passat.

2009-06-12 06:19:55
I love my 2008 Jeep Cherokee Overland   . . . . .   67% Useful Rating
I love my Jeep Grand Cherokee Overland. I came very close to buying a Land Rover, but I couldn't justify the additional
$20K. I am really happy with my decission. Now that I have driven my Overland for six months I absolutely love it. It
is a very stylish car, so I feel fine taking it to a nice restaraunt. The interior is very well designed and extremely
comfortable. I really like the look of the Overland, but what I like best is how it performs. I have driven it though
deep snow, taken it off road and it has handled everything. I obviously wish that it got a little better gas mileage
(15/gal), but that is the only negative.

2009-06-12 06:19:55
2007 Toyota Land Cruiser issues   . . . . .   
Our Toyota Land Cruiser drives very well, but it is constantly in the shop for electronic issues. Tire pressure warning
lights, problems with the radio, navigation system problems, you name it. This is our first Toyota and we had heard
about the great quality, but I don't agree.