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kevin1221's Garage

2005 Toyota Tacoma PreRunner Double 141 Auto (GS)

Questions & Answers

Mechanic Q: will not idle??

When i first go to crank up my vehicle it will start up and cut off. But once i get it warmed up it will idle fine. Plus check engine light is on. I hooked up a computer and PO506 is the code. I was wondering what it could be. Thanks Kevin

A: will not idle??

But if you listen closely is sounds like a air lick somewhere. I mean what would i need to do change the air flow valve.

Mechanic Q: Not ready codes ?

I have tried like 10 times to get my vehicle inspected but it keeps on coming up the egr system not ready and also evaporative system not ready. but my check engine light is not on. They keep on telling me to drive it I have drive it over 1100 miles and has not become ready yet. Some say it is my computer and some say it is the egr valve needs to be cleaned so i have tried that and still not ready. Some people say i need to replace the egr valve and egr sensors. What can i do??? I took it to the dealership and they reset it and still the same after i drive 60 miles......

A: Not ready codes ?

I ran it on the highway. I ran it on the country roads in the city. I put over 1500 miles on it. So I got mad and i searched the how vehicles and had 2 air lines off and how they got off i dont know. It passed the inspection but the egr valve still has not reset.

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